Feed Thy Soul with R.L.Soul


I go by the pseudonym R.L.Soul. I am a writer and an educator. I believe my soul purpose on Earth is to assists others. I strive to aspire others, I strive to be a positive catalyst that brings hope, love, and support into others lives. With my time here on Earth, I hope I can aspire others, I hope I can grow to be my true authentic self and I hope to touch at least one beings soul in a positive manner.

I’m starting this blog to share my personal thoughts/perspective, poetry and photography. But I also am starting this blog to have a therapeutic outlet for all the things I hold inside; I need a way to release them. I hope I can serve as a positive motivator to others. Life is a beautiful whirlwind and sometimes it can be too much-it can start to feel too heavy; we then become overwhelmed, stretched too thin, we self-destruct with so much self-doubt and negative self-talk. It’s something I’m still working on myself.

I hope that with this blog I can connect with others, that I can touch one being and make them feel as if they’re not alone. May I serve my purpose on this Earth well, may I do what the universe has called me to do.

Help me, Help you. 

Enjoy This Journey With Me. Peace & Love.