Bruises Heal & Again We Feel


This is my debut poetry book. Within it, lies a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Why blood? Because poetry lives in my veins, poetry helps to keep me sane, poetry is my therapy, poetry helps me feel alive--it helps me--survive. 

Why sweat? Because I'm a perfectionist in some ways. I worked incredibly hard day, evening and night constructing the cover, on constructing the layout, on revising and re-editing again and again and again and again. At times, I felt like giving up, but I kept pushing until I felt it fit my ideal of "perfection".

Why tears? Because all of my poems are spoken from the heart. Whether they're expressing emotions and feelings of love, of hurt, of pain, of joy, of anger, of self-love. Tears because I'm over-joyed and feel accomplished that I did something I've always wanted to...And that's publish a book of my poetry. 

If you've ever been bruised and thought you'd never again feel, thought you'd never again feel; yet somehow find that you can heal and can feel again. Then this book is for you.

You can purchase it here, enjoy!