Because of technology(social media)

Because of technology,
sometimes, I feel invisible to you...
sometimes in your presence, I feel alone.
I am not visible on your social media...
and your hand is always glued on your phone.
Because of technology,
people have grown such short attention spans.
Technology seems to run this world, this generation;
for the future I am anxious.
How much longer must I be patient,
How much longer must I have patience....

The End...

Maybe the ending, 

is just the beginning.

Maybe in the next life,

instead of constantly feeling like I’m losing

I’ll be winning. 


I’ll be good enough,

and I’ll say all the right things.

Maybe I’ll feel less alone,

Maybe I’ll have a place I can call home…

Maybe the ending,

really isn’t the end.

Maybe the end, 

is where life truly begins…

Cloud 9: High With You

We lay in your bed,
face to face—I see your eyes close, you're dozing off.
I stare at you, in admiration--
in this moment I'm so elated.
Yin yang tapestry hangs right above your bed--
I lean over and plant a kiss on your forehead.

In this life when things seem to be full of chaos, he is---
my sense of comfort
the calm to my storm, 
the umbrella to my rain, 
the warmth on cold nights, 
my light in the dark,
...the kind of supportive soul, I never thought I’d meet in this lifetime.
Yin to Yang-Yang to Yin;  limb to limb--skin to skin, my heart he wins.
In this instance, I believe in love, I do—there’s proof. 
He acts as my balance when all seems unstable—
always willing and able, 
to assist in any type of way, 
all the right words to say—
always right time,
even in the delays.
Love like a yellow dragon fruit---
I can’t help but to admire and stare. 
I wonder will his words always ring true, 
                                                                  "I'll always be there...."

Let Me

Let me learn the contours of your being.
The outline of your spine,
The map of your mind.
The atlas of your soul.
The connectivity of your moles.

Let me become familiar with your every curve,
so if I ever were to go blind, 

I’d still be able to sit back and observe.
With the tip of my fingers, 

I’ll remember you simply with touch.
I’ll stand by and support all of your dreams and heart desires,
and when hardships come along, I’ll help you put out the fires.

Can’t you see, I’m your biggest fan.
I’ll always walk with you and hold your hand. 

Absentee Father

He taught me that trust was,
having someone constantly
walk in and out of your life.
Subconsciously knowing that it was wrong
but treating it as if it were always right.

He taught me to believe that—
blood isn’t thicker than water.
For he treated me as if I were non-existent,
even though I was his only daughter.

He taught me that
just because someone says, “I love you”—
doesn’t mean that they truly do. 
He also taught me that love never stays.
So I keep my borders up with lovers
because I fear that eventually they’ll be like him—
and walk away.

He influenced my outlook from a very young age. 
Those wounds he left, I still have trouble dealing with today.

He impacted the way I view boys, men and the world---
from the very start, when I was just a little girl.


Look at her strength.
Look at her go.
She’s strong as can be,
but she doesn’t even know.

She’s so humble
and never flaunts her talents.
She always seems to be– balanced.
At times, she steps out of her comfort zone,
because she knows it’s the only way she can grow.
She always seems to be up for a challenge,
when opportunity arises, she takes advantage.

I always admired her,
because she loves the simple and little things in life.
Like art museums, 
helping others, drinking
tea, and reading books late into the night.

She always tries to make people feel comfortable.
She always tries to help those in need.
She’s a kind soul, I think she’s a rare breed.

She is a bull,
she’s as stubborn as can be.
But I can’t help but to love her.
Because the bull I speak of is—me.