Look at her strength.
Look at her go.
She’s strong as can be,
but she doesn’t even know.

She’s so humble
and never flaunts her talents.
She always seems to be– balanced.
At times, she steps out of her comfort zone,
because she knows it’s the only way she can grow.
She always seems to be up for a challenge,
when opportunity arises, she takes advantage.

I always admired her,
because she loves the simple and little things in life.
Like art museums, 
helping others, drinking
tea, and reading books late into the night.

She always tries to make people feel comfortable.
She always tries to help those in need.
She’s a kind soul, I think she’s a rare breed.

She is a bull,
she’s as stubborn as can be.
But I can’t help but to love her.
Because the bull I speak of is—me.