Grateful for you...

Never would I have ever thought I'd have someone who is so attentive to not just my wants, but attentive to my needs, always suggesting things so I can succeed, someone who supports my dreams. Maybe it's because I grew up in a dysfunctional family and only have witnessed fighting, arguing, and abuse when it comes to relationships--and maybe that's how I expect others to be with me--as I have had exes who ignore and don't acknowledge my feelings/wants/needs/dreams. It's kind of sad to think about, but they always say you have to go through and kiss a lot of bad frogs to reach the princes/kings. I truly enjoy being with and spending time with my special someone. This week, there was some drama with my mom/dad and I ended up calling out of work--because mentally I wouldn't have been present at work. I ended up going over their house and we just chilled--I feel that's exactly what I needed. And I'm thankful that he'd want to spend more time with me, even though it was his day off. It's the simple-little things that a person does that makes me like/love them. I can say that figuratively everyday, I grow to love, like, and admire him more and more. He's acted as my guardian angel thorough a lot of things and I couldn't be more grateful. In the midst of all this chaos and feeling as if I'm living in some sort of hell---you're my calm, you soothe me. Thank you.

Happy October!