A Storm

A storm is brewing and I don't know if this is the beginning of it, middle or the end. But today has been a day---I thought yesterday was a day, but today is even more so of a day. My supervisor came to talk to everyone individually. She informed me that I would have to relocate to another school site or I most likely will no longer be employed. She basically said because we only have 12 children, HR said the class only needs 1 teacher. So therefore, I need to be moved to another site--she didn't say it might happen, she said it IS happening. And i have to make my decision before the end of next week. I'm in complete shock, as well as sad and upset. Still waiting for my supervisor to text me back....

From the start I realized I no longer wanted to teach, but I have been sticking it out. And now they tell me this?! On top of that, I came home and my dad is now back. It's so frustrating, I feel alone in my problems and as if no one understands me. It seems every area of my life is taking a U-Turn--taking me backwards. Why does all this have to be occurring at the same time? I felt so overwhelmed, I took a break and went in the bathroom and cried for literally 10 minutes. Feels like everything is falling apart from work to family, even love/relationships it seems....What am I doing wrong? Am I not deserving of these things---of happiness--of stability.

I just want to cry, I just want to forget everybody....Feels like a huge weight on my shoulder. I just want a shoulder to lean on, to cry on, but I have no one. I just feel like a burden.

I can't trust anyone, it seems.