What an effin day...

Hello Universe. What day or shall I say last few days it has been. From not knowing if I'll have a job after this week, from my dad moving back in and now to my relationship...It seems every area of my life is crumbling all at once. When it comes to my job, I am hoping for the best--but preparing for the worst. I already hit up paper source, seeing if they need anyone seasonal, so I will be meeting with them tomorrow. I am also supposed to get the finally word from my supervisor, if I'll be staying with their company or having to leave. Guess we shall see what happens. 

As for family, my dad is back in and it's so annoying. But what can I do about it? Nothing. He's suppose to be getting his inheritance money soon--at least that's what I'm told. Before Thanksgiving, is what I'm told. Again we shall see. I just hope that there's no arguing and staying out all night getting drunk--that's when I'll be completely annoyed. 

As for love, I don't really know. I had felt that I had gotten better when it comes to communicating--but my pov seems to have been wrong. It sucks when you think you've been making progress only to be told you actually haven't. I will admit I was a bit passive aggressive at first, but I then just wanted to understand how things could be fixed---I'm seriously not looking for trouble, just truly trying to understand and make things right. I feel like I just can't get on their good side lately--everything is followed with a critic. They say they only initiate conversation, but I'm the only one who says I love you; they've never said it first, ever..I'm also the one who is mostly affectionate..I've also noticed they haven't been affectionate towards me much lately nor have they offered assistance like they usually do--such as giving suggestions, recommendations(on my writing/videos; unless I ask). They don't even call me by cute nicknames anymore(babygirl, love---nothing)....Either way, I will try my best to communicate more--and I hope they do they same. 

I truly enjoy being with them, I love them-- I do not want things to end, but I slightly felt that's what they were implying. I definitely would be heartbroken considering the fact that it seems everything is crashing down on me right now. I feel like I'm losing everything---I just want things to be alright. I don't think anyone understands how stressful all this is--and for it all to be happening at the same time.