Tomorrow, I go to a Spoken Word Workshop and I'm excited. I found out it's ran by someone whom I seen perform before; it's a poet named TJ Medel. I'm glad it's actually going to be with someone who I know has experience when it comes to poetry and spoken word. I'm also glad it's someone of color, whom I probably can relate to more than a white person teaching. We shall see. 

I finally received some clarity about my current job. Next week, will most likely be my last week. At first, I couldn't help but to think negatively and feel angered/sad about this situation. It just seems that the past 2 years, I've been having nothing but bad luck when it comes to jobs/careers. It makes me feel as if others do not see all that I possess---they do not see that I am a galaxy, not just a star. I shine brighter than any star--I'm hardworking, dedicated, organized, flexible, open-minded, willing to learn and grow. I keep wondering why does it seem, I just can't win. Am I on an everlasting road or am I at a dead end?

Lately things have been like a roller coaster, some days I'm up and optimistic--other days I'm down and feel alone--like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. In a sense, I feel conflicted, alone, sad, stuck--why do these things keep occurring? Idk what the universe, "god", some sort of higher power is trying to tell me, but I'm not receiving the message at the moment. I need a more clearer sign....I feel overwhelmed by all this uncertainty...I'm beginning to feel alone--every single thing seems to be crashing. It's like a domino effect.

I have no reassurance about anything---Will everything/everyone leave? .I truly relate to Logic's song as of lately--what a sad truth. My heart feels extremely heavy......