Something that irritates me is people who cannot be happy for you. A week or so ago, someone from my past informed me, that they thought our friendship ended because of ME. They felt they had no responsibility for it at all. They felt the need to reach out after a long period of no contact--just to tell me this and just to make everything about them. Now, I bring this up because through that person I met another person--I did not become her friend or anything, but we did hangout a few times and added each other on social media. Now all of a sudden they decide to block me, for "reasons unknown". When we all hung out, she was talking to my friend about _____. Saying how she liked him etc... etc...So, now I feel they did this simply for the fact that they still like _____ but don't care much about me. 

The reason I bring this up is because, when the friend from my past contacted me a week or so ago, they also told me some stuff that I was a bit caught off guard about. They said that they were jealous of my "relationship" with _____ and that I used them to get close to ______. Which is untrue because I knew ____ already, they just didn't know. They said they wanted to be happy for me, but couldn't find it in their heart because they were going through heartbreak from someone from their past. Of course, I understand heartbreak, but I find that quite selfish and if you're suppose to be my friend--best friend--why can't you just be happy for me? This brings me back to my whole overall message, JEALOUSY and HATING. 

I find it quite funny, when people act jealous/hate towards me because what's the point? Why be jealous? Why go through such lengths? It pisses me off to be honest. I'm just annoyed that someone felt the need to go through great lengths, when we don't even talk. To me, that's just petty and a sign of jealousy. Females are so annoying.