Morning! Yesterday was a good day, I was productive, physically active, wrote, hung with my brothers and watched football and baseball. Those games were ridiculous, one of the football players hurt his knee badly-we didn't think it was that serious. But this morning I read an article that stated doctors are trying to save his leg, so that sucks cuz there goes his career if so. 

In other news, something that I have noticed for a long while is how technology is making friendships/relationships impersonal. What exactly do I mean by that? Well people use to hit you up to ask how you're doing, now instead they just lurk on your social media pages--whether it be your blog, instagram, facebook, twitter etc...I have noticed that communication amongst peers in lessening/dimnishing. My best friend and I made a promise to call each other more often due to that--and so far it's been good. There's nothing like being able to hear someone's voice when you're talking to them. It makes it more personal in my perspective, it also helps because you can hear the persons tone. People today take text too personally because they read messages in their own tone and that's how messages can get misconstrued. 

I don't know if anyone reads my blog posts, but if you are reading this right now to see what I'm up to and what's on my mind instead of texting me/calling me directly---why? If you really care, why lurk? Why not just hit me up? I crave personal relationships---not impersonal. If you truly care to know how I'm doing, stop lurking and just contact me directly. That's how people learn to connect, improve communication, show someone they truly care.....