Hello Universe...

I had a GREAT sleep last night. The past few days have been busy busy. I'm glad today, I get to just relax. The next 2 days, I babysit and then I work at Paper Source Friday. I really want to get another job because they only scheduled me for Friday this week and Wednesday next week! Grrr, I'm feeling very stressed financial wise. 

I was taken out of my comfort zones the past day or 2 and it was actually really nice. I was surprised that AM invited me into his world, by taking me around his gamer friends and friends he's known since childhood. I know for sure that AM is someone I'm very thankful for this year. With all the family issues, I've been having; amongst other hardships, AM has been there for me. I had a lot of fun being social and meeting friends he has spoken of, but I've never met. I've never had someone who cares to involve me in events of their life. I've met 2 of his sisters and more friends--that made me feel appreciated and filled with joy. I also had never been to a friends-giving before; it was really chill and mellow.

I'm learning to trust the process more and just be fluid like water. Though my family and living situation isn't ideal right now, I am grateful to have a roof and a place to stay. My main goal for 2018 is to SAVE SAVE SAVE--Budget, Budget. I truly want to travel somewhere next year, even if it's close like Portland or Seattle. I'm really hoping something comes thru soon.  

**Crossing My Fingers For New Opportunities** 3:15pm