Mornin' World. Last night, I was feeling very down. Today, I woke up feeling very calm. I gave myself a talk last night and I wrote before going to sleep. So, maybe that is why I'm feeling more refreshed today. I think I'm going to make
<---this image my screensaver. I need to have this reminder, that I'm not alone in my struggle; though lately I've been feeling that way. I guess the main reason that gets me down lately, is the lack of responses I've received from applying to jobs.


Another reason is because I have been very hard on myself, lately. I'm 27 and am not where I thought I'd be in life. As stated in the little reminder to myself above, "find peace and stillness". That's always been a mantra of mine in times of hardships; on my tumblr page I have, "Learn to be still". Because when it comes to making it through these hard times, one can get lost in their head with the constant thinking. When instead, we should adapt, we should be still, we should be like water and just flow. With that being said, I am trying, I am doing and in the end everything will work out. 

Feeling Optimistic xoxo 10:25am