Patience and Determination is Key

I can’t wait til I am able to move-out and have a place of my own. When I say my own, I mean living in a place with a roomie. In the past month or so, I have realized having my completely on place isn’t possible at the moment. Right now, I don’t have the financial means to move-out. With patience and determination, it will come in due time. When I do move, I just want to have one roomie. Areas that I’d like to move to are Long Beach, Mid—city, echo park, torrance, alhambra. Those places seem to have decent pricing. I rather know my roomie than live with a complete stranger; guess when the time comes we shall see. I don’t mind commuting if the place is right.

I’ve been writing affirmations and little reminders to myself, in order to stay positive. I’m going to try to put myself out of my comfort zones more often. I know who I am & I know who I want to be and become. It’s all about the process, trust it and believe in yourself despite circumstances.  

Be true, be you, You are beautiful, intelligent and have lots to offer, if you just let down your guards you’ll see. 

Do You Trust Me? xoxo 5:56am