Be Still.

"Learn To Be Still." That's what I have at the top of one of my Tumblr pages. To me, that is  something I always aim to be--STILL. I will admit that lately, I have not been doing that. I have let my feelings and emotions control how I react to things that don't necessarily go as planned. I need to learn to balance my mind and heart, so they meet halfway. I've become unbalanced these last 2-3 months. Early in the morning today when I couldn't fall back to sleep, I was reading a book about being PRESENT. The book stated something so simple, yet that held a lot of depth; from my personal perspective. It said, "When it's time to eat, EAT. When it's time to watch tv, WATCH TV." I know you're thinking, well DUH! But think about it, when is the last time, you actually had ALL of your attention on one tasks? I know for me, when I'm watching something, I also am writing or doing research or just surfing the net. When I'm eating, I'm also watching something or maybe scrolling through social media on my phone. 

Giving things/tasks/people your full attention has become foreign nowadays. Foreign because we live in times, where we often multitask and want to be in the know--the know of what our loved ones and friends are up to, in the know of what's going on in the country, in the know of this and that or want people to also be in the know of what we ourselves are up to. Why must we always be in the know? What kind of satisfaction does this bring us? 

I think of the time, where things were indeed different and more simpler. Being a kid riding their bicycle to a friends house to see if they can come out and play; sitting in cafes or attending social events where we actually partake in striking up a conversation with someone. Communicating with others has indeed become easier, but just because it's easier doesn't mean it's effective. How we socialize now, to me has no depth. Yes there are more ways to communicate and connect with others(quantity), yet there less real connections being made(quality). I'm a person who prefers quality over quantity. I don't like small talk, I like conversations that are intriguing, that leave and get me thinking, I like conversations where I'm learning--not just trying to feel the silence with meaningless words. That's just me. 

To Be Continued....1:03AM