Attitude: Gratitude

I've been learning to change my attitude in order to give more gratitude. What exactly do I mean by that? When it comes to things in life, you can never prepare for the unexpected...when such dealings come about, how you react is detrimental. The response that you feed your mind is everything. Growing up we create coping mechanisms for situations. Our minds become trained to react the same way every time we feel threatened(that fear). As that one saying goes, "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got.". It is natural for us to react the same way in similar situations as that is how we have trained ourselves to handle things since we were younger. I'm a creature of habit, so it is only natural that when things interrupt my flow, I become defensive or develop a negative outlook.

I have been learning to change my perspective and attitude, in order to attain GRATITUDE. I have been learning when chaos comes about, there's no need to self-doubt. I have been learning when life takes you off course, do not resist-- just go with the flow. I have been learning to take a deep breath in tough times, in order to prevent reacting in the same negative ways. I have been learning to be more disciplined with myself. I have been learning that even when I feel as if I'm stuck in the middle of a dark, I will always find my way to the light. Most importantly, I have been learning to in the here and now. I believe that things will begin to work in my favor, if I continue to think with a positive mind. If I continue to be open and just go with the flow.

It's December now, make moves, plant seeds---manifest your dreams, soon you will succeed.
I am proud of who you are becoming. Slowly, but surely. Be patient with yourself, everything takes time.
xo 11:11 pm xoxo