Good Morning! It is 6:50AM, why am I awake? I've been waking up early even though I can sleep in, wahhhh! Well, that's a-okay--I'm going to write. Before I went to bed last night, I wrote as well. The main theme I remember learning from poetry events, poetry workshops that I've attended is, "Speak Your Truth" "Tell Your Story". For me, writing about love and my perseverance is the easiest--love because it's an amazing feeling and my pen flows easily when I love; perseverance because I love reminding myself I've made it through hardships before, it's like a note to self to keep pushing and going despite it all. I write this to say that, lately I have been challenging myself to write about the things that cause or caused me pain, hurt, sadness, depression. Writing about those things is hard for me because I get emotional, it makes me think about who I was back then and  how far I've grown and come. It's a nice reminder, but it also picks at the bandages on my heart.

It's Nanowrimo, which is something that occurs during November for people to challenge themselves to write a 50,000 word novel. I don't participate in that, but I will be challenging myself to write a poem everyday and POST a poem in my IG everyday because I have been slacking!!!!!