Letter To Self.

The end of 2017 is quickly approaching! And I know you can’t help but to feel as if this year was a challenge. You had planned to come into this year breaking out of your cocoon and fully blossoming and spreading your wings; but things didn’t go as planned and you know what? That’s a-okay. Considering the circumstances and situations you’re in at the moment, I’m extremely proud of you for holding your head up high, for staying positive and grounded- your willingness to be patient, trust the process and set intentions is only a sign that the best is yet to come...You are beautiful, intelligent  and radiant. You are striving, planting seeds and are on your way to manifesting and seizing all that you ever dreamed. You may not see it now, but trust that everything is aligning perfectly as it should. It may not occur nor be acquired at the time you want, but it will occur & be acquired at the time needed. Life is just funny like that! It presents you with things when it knows the time is right. There will be times when we as humans natural feel the timing of certain things isn’t right, when indeed it is right timing— you have to be open and willing to accept such fates.

I got you & you got me, remember that!

I Love You. You’ll blossom & spread your wings soon enough...

Just trust 3:05AM xoxo