Yesterday was a really good day. I volunteered at this program geared towards supplying kids whose father is absent from their life with toys for Christmas. For me, it was kind of emotional because I use to be one of those kids. The children thought they were coming to just have fun by making gingerbread houses, but we also surprised them by having Santa there and also giving them a toy of their choice. I was truly happy to be their to give back to kids who grew up just like me. I loved witnessing the kids face light up when we opened the door and Santa came out. I loved watching the kids get excited when they saw all the toys they could choose from. I loved seeing them be creative in the way they decorated and  constructed their gingerbread houses. It was also nice seeing the parents smiling and enjoying themselves with their kids. I was very thankful for that opportunity--it truly warmed my heart and was very nostalgic in a sense of taking me back to my childhood years. 

Yesterday was also nice because it was the last performance of the year for AM and I got to meet 2 more of his family members. It was nice having dinner with them. Who woulda thought Thai food was so delicious--considering I hate nuts! Even the coconut soup was good and I hate coconut. My last day of PaperSource was Friday--was bittersweet, but I'm glad to at least know I'll have a stable income from unemployment for the time being. Things are slowly but surely starting to look up for me and I am grateful. Grateful for those who have stuck by me through this year despite it all. This year went by so fast, can't believe it will soon be 2018. Crazy...

Hoping for the best. 12:05PM