Tough Day.

Today was a tough day--from family situations to work. For me, going to work is a time for me to get away from the negative energy I feel here at home. So, today when a customer was rude with me, it affected me. Why? Because I had just left home, where I already have issues. Overall, I couldn't wait to get off that shift. I am happy that I don't have work or babysitting tomorrow--I'll have a day to myself to write, read, and simply relax with myself. 

Times are tough, but I have been staying positive. I feel my positive vibes have to do with me, staying more grounded as well as journaling/reading everyday. I remember I use to journal all the time! I use to read all the time--and I felt in a better balanced place then. I'm trying to get back on the journey that I took part in--being my true authentic self. Things take time. I have all the time in the world, but then I don't. Strange how that works.

I'm truly hoping I get into Grad School. That's something, I truly want to do. I love helping and assisting others. I'm also very compassionate, patient, good at listening and open-minded and feel these traits are advantages when it comes to becoming a therapist. Anyways that's all for now. 

Keep Going & Stay Positive