Some days are better than others.

I haven't really been writing nor talking about the situations in my family lately; mainly because I try to mute them...Today though, I woke up to arguing and slamming doors this morning. I quickly gathered my things to leave the house. The atmosphere in the house is toxic. I do not know what the future holds, but I am hoping that in 2018, I somehow, someway am able to move-out. At this point having a roommate is the smart move to make. It sucks that living in LA is so much money. I feel I will have to live not exactly in LA. Maybe Long Beach. I would love to live in LA. Anyways moving out is out of the question at the moment as I continue to be on unemployment; I am just happy to be getting babysitting hours--gladly appreciated. 

Lately, I've been writing poems about things that have really left a mark on my heart. It's kind of therapeutic to write the pain out.

Home no longer feels like home, so that's a place I rarely go. I've found a home within nature, within the spa, within the cafe. I refuse to let the negativity that surrounds me, enter my life. I am trying to be a better me--lately living at home has been testing my patience, testing my sanity, testing me in general. Some days are better than others....