Album Review: Kendrick Lamar-DAMN

So, I just finished listening to the Kendrick Lamar Album 'DAMN'. Before I go into my review, I just want to say--I absolutely LOVE Kendrick Lamar--he's a poet, he speaks truth--he delivers his songs really well and touches on subjects that many turn a blind eye to. I've always admired rappers--REAL rappers who aren't all about ass, getting bitches, money, partying--mainly superficial things. I like rappers who are intellectual, hold depth, dig deeper than beyond the service/cervix---those are the ones who have always caught my eyes.

The songs I connected with and liked most are: DNA, FEEL, HUMBLE, PRIDE, LOVE, & FEAR. The lyricism is truly great in those songs--at least in my eyes. DNA simply because I feel it relates to Black America in the sense that blacks have been oppressed and treated unfairly--but yet, we remain strong, striving, and persistent--it's in our DNA. FEEL is another favorite simply for the fact that I'm not good at discussing feelings, but that song touches on how one thinks/feels about how they are viewed by others. HUMBLE because simply the lyrics speak truth and that beat is pure FIRE! PRIDE because I have too much pride and need to learn to put it aside, in times when I need help--my pride gets in the way of things too often. LOVE because well don't we all want someone who feels those sentiments spoken in the song? I know I do--to love and be loved in return is a miracle and an amazing feeling to have. FEAR because just like pride, I let my fears at time guide me--instead of me guiding them. Lots of things said in that song were relatable. 

I also like that the album wasn't too long--55 minutes! Can't beat that. The track order I think also fit very well--had a nice flow to it. Some songs to me, were just okay--but their beats were FIRE. Thanks for the music, KDOT.