Aspire To Inspire.

It's funny how in life, you never know whose life you've touched, you never truly know if your existence makes a difference in anyones life or in the world in general. I feel that's how I've been feeling as of late, does my existence truly matter? has my existence truly touch/effect anyone's life(positively or negatively)? That's been weighing on my mind a lot.....

My overall goal in life, is to aspire others-help others-assist others--mainly the youth, people of color and those from less fortunate socio-economical backgrounds as myself. I want to inspire others to reach their true potential; we are all stronger than we think and can go further/reach further than we think. Today after work as I went on Instagram, I had a message from an unknown person:

To be honest, I thought it was a spam/troll account. But then, I went to check out their page and saw it was a legit person. I saw they began posting poetry beginning of April. Their poems held a lot of depth and the emotion could be felt just by reading them. I was curious, so I asked them was there a specific poem that inspired them to want to start writing and they sent me screenshots of 4 poems. I was very touched and flattered. 

I keep trying to put myself out there more--performing, advertising my art more, connecting with art-based Instagrams/Communities.  I feel I've been doing a good job; baby steps. We are the generation, who wants instant success and gratification--but things don't work that way. I wish things would happen quicker, but I know it's all a part of the process. Good thing I have the patience of a monk!