Love, Love, Love!

For the past 2 weeks, I've been going to this dance studio taking classes. I love love love taking the classes there. There are 3 classes that I mainly take, one is called BootyPop. I love this class because it's a full body cardio workout, but we also do a lot of isolations with the hips and butt. I can tell if I keep taking this class, I'll just be randomly standing in my room twerking for no reason. Especially since, I'm back to being on my gain weight regimen! I'm sure I'll see improvements pretty soon. Can't wait to get my thighs and butt a little more tighter and bigger. I'm also taking a Hip Hop dance class! And I'm in love with it, we did choreography to Humble by Kendrick Lamar and let me tell ya, wasn't easy at all, but I'm good at learning choreo and it was super fun, energetic and tiring. 

One thing I notice about both classes is, the teachers have us getting on our knees A LOT! The first time, the day after I was so sore, but I gotta say how I have loved every moment of getting on my knees! Haha. Yes, they may sound weird to say, but it's me getting in touch with my sexy, seductive side--which I always hide. So far, I'm loving these classes very much! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Dance 3 times a week(MWF), will be very good for me, since I'm trying to get fit, get my abs back and get this booty poppin for the Summer!