Speak Thy Truth: Rise Like A Phoenix.

In 2016, one of the things I said I'd work on in 2017, is Speaking Thy Truth. The funny thing is, at the beginning of the year(I think in February)--I went to a poetry workshop where one of their key points was Learn To Speak Your Truth. I feel that's why I write. I write because I have a hard time voicing my feelings and feel I speak better via words. I always felt I turned to poetry/writing to openly express myself without being judged. I can express feelings of love without fear, I can express feelings of sadness without someone thinking I'm looking for sympathy, I can express emotions of pain, hurt, joy, indecision and so forth. 

I feel I have been writing a lot as of late, but some poems I feel reveal too much of my soul, of what goes on in my mind, of things I just can't find the write words to voice. But then I think about it and say, "Hey! I thought you were suppose to be speaking your truth!" There are some writings, I never post because I feel others may not relate or may not understand the metaphors I use. But I know that I need to escape and let go of this comfort zone. Though I am not where I want to be, I have accomplished many things I should be very proud of--from publishing a book, performing on stage 2 times, expressing my wants and needs. I should be very proud of myself, but I have lately been very down on myself due to circumstances. 

I am progressing slowly but surely. I may not realize it now, but I will look back on these days and say, "The struggle is what lead you here. You needed those downfalls and struggles to rise up like a phoenix"