Becoming Something Bigger Than Myself.

The other day when I was at work, as I was ringing someone up I asked them, "What will you be using these items for?" She went on to tell me, how she is an interior designer. She was 45 when she started and she is 52 now. She shared her story with me about how it's important to follow your dreams no matter what. The thing is I felt her words came just in time. As I have been thinking a lot about where I am in life and I know I am not where I want to be in life and sometimes it gets me down. Sometimes, I think I'm too old to try and venture down a new path--whether this stems from feeling "too" old, not having any/enough experience in new venture, fear of investing money(that I do not have). 

This woman's story inspired me. I need to begin to change my mindset into I CAN, rather than letting doubts, negative self-talk, and fears hold me back. I know I am not OLD, but I sure do feel like it. I want to become apart of something that is bigger than myself. What exactly do I mean by that? What I mean is, I want to reach that state of authenticity, that state of mindfulness, that state of inner peace--where I feel FREE. Free of doubts, constant worry, constant comparison to others, letting the slightest of things mess up my day. I want to be able to live freely and happily. At the moment, I constant worry, I constantly am fighting an inner battle/outer battle, I let others effect my mood, I let my insecurities/fears/self-esteem issues hold me back.

I want to be like a child, free of fear--I want to jump right in without second guessing myself, without fear of being judged, without fear of failure, without boundaries. I want to see like a child, with no fear--let myself get messy, let myself take a risk. I want to look at life like a blank canvas and know that what every I put on the canvas will be magnificent because I made it, I created it--and there is no one else on Earth like me. I aspire to inspire. I aspire to create greatness with this mind, with my words, with my hands. I aspire to be something bigger than myself---something grand. 

May I continue to go move forward with this mindset. May I trust the process. May I not let my self-doubt & doubt of others distract me. May I believe in myself. May I keep going even on the worst of days.