I often daydream what it will be like to be on my own. I experienced it for a bit while in College and I really liked having the free will to decorate as I want, cook when I want(not having to worry about cooking for others), buying food for myself. Right now, I live at home with my mom and brother. I really have to start budgeting my money--but it's hard to when it comes time to eat. If I'm hungry--then I have to buy everyone else food. Now, if I had the financial means of course it would be no problem--but I do not have the financial means so sometimes I find myself just not eating at all. 

I daydream about having my own place and how freeing it will be. I can cook whenever I want and not have to worry about spending extra money that needs to be saved. I hope this doesn't make me selfish to think this way. Today, I bought myself some groceries to prevent myself from buying fast food so often; we shall see how that goes. I bought lots of proteins: chicken, potatoes, veggies, fruits, and so on. I've also started back up my weight gain plan. As I want to gain a bit more weight in my thighs, butt, and arms. I've already exceeded my goal weight.

I daydream of a time where I have my own place, have a weight/body type I'm satisfied with, in a financial situation I feel comfortable with, have a career in which I'm happy with. These are all things that will be accomplished--they may not be accomplished in the speed or the way I expected/wanted--but slowly but surely my hardwork, persistence and determination will pay off.

One day these daydreams will become a reality. What a lovely day that will be.