Ciao! I set out a goal to workout and get in shape. And so far, I've been following my routine. On Monday, I worked out for 2 hours--2 hours of straight cardio, I was so sore the next day. Then Wednesday morning, I went for a run in a park that's 4 miles. Talk about exhausting!!! Then on Thursday, I went to my cardio class again. I can see my abs coming in and I can feel my thighs, buttocks, and arms getting firmer. I am proud of myself for keeping up with the regimen. 

This is day 2 without social media. I feel more productive, I feel as if I'm living more in the moment. I didn't feel the need to want to post my whereabouts, so others can know what I'm doing. I wish people wouldn't let social media be the driving force of their lives. It's a nice feeling to be fully engaged and having my attention fully on an activity. Today, I went and sat in a park with my laptop and some music. The song made me want to write, so I replayed it over and over again--and ended up writing a song--The song is called, "Loud Loneliness" by Letskey, so that's what I named my piece. I'm thinking of recording myself over the beat and posting it up on my soundcloud. That's one thing, I've been really wanting to do, but can never find a quiet space to do so. I want to record my poems and place them over beats. First, I feel I need to master becoming the poem--having the right tone, emotion. Writing comes easy to me, but voicing my words with the same emotion is really hard for me. 

Until next time, 

Ciao!❤ 11:46pm