Life & Love

Today at work a customer came in looking for a picture book. He told me, he was looking for a book because he was going to propose to his GF this weekend. He wanted to put together a book of pictures they have taken together since they have met. I honestly thought it was the cutest thing ever. He was so excited about it; even though he was doing it last minute. He told me about how the ring was made by his father(his father passed away a few years ago), so it wasn't just a ring--it had true sentimental value. 

As he checked out, he was talking to me about how he hoped the ring size was right and asked if I would try the ring on because he thought my fingers were the same size. Being the secret romantic that I am, I said sure. The ring looked really amazing on my hand! I wish I had took a pic of it--the ring was gorgeous. That was the last customer before we closed--and it left me thinking. Secretly, I am a hopeless romantic. I've always felt indifferent about marriage--in my family and personally it seems love never last. 

I would love to be in a relationship, where I feel assured. I always feel as if I'm just someone temporary to others--in this day and age of social media/technology--it's really hard to trust for me. The way the guy I helped talked about his girlfriend made me giddy with joy for him, but it also made me a bit sad-- This generation doesn't define relationships, I always feel as if I'm just stuck in a gray area.. It would be nice to be with someone who wants to introduce me to their family, who is proud to have me by their side, who wants to travel places together, who doesn't go days with no communication, who doesn't make me feel as if I'm just some secret or someone they keep on the low.