Good Morning, World. 

Last night, I couldn't sleep at all. I haven't had a sleepless night like that in a long while. I guess things have just been on my mind. I didn't waste that time though, I was vibing out to music and decided I want to write a haiku a day. So, I wrote some and also wrote a few haikus last night--that I am satisfied with and will start posting tomorrow. I heard soundcloud my shutdown, so wonder where else I can post recordings?

I guess you can say, I'm scared and frightened for the future, but I can only live in the present right now---and worry about now and not later. I have grown very scared of having certain people leave---and I do not know where this is all stemming from. I have an idea though...It's annoying when someone only hits you up when they want something---no "how are doing?" or anything..Rude...I also find it interesting how I can be sitting here missing someone and wanting to text them just to see how they are---but I don't do it---because I don't want to seem like a bother--So, I just let them be. I guess it's true that I miss said person---but it's early and they're back at home---and I don't want to invade on their time with friends and family. I wonder if I'm ever missed?  

Anyways, I don't really have anything else to say. Maybe I'll write later tonight as well. 

 9:20 am