IT really aggravates me that my job has been scheduling me 2-3 days a week. I worked Fri-Sun, but don't work again til friday! So, basically I have this whole week to do whatever---but I just looked in my bank account and my loan of $100 & my car ins of $94 just went through--and now I'm literally broke again. I'm glad I did the babysitting that extra really helped. I literally have $40! to my name and don't get paid til the end of next week. Already had to dig in my savings-so don't really have a savings anymore.Aghhh so sad. Things won't always be this way....I hope I don't always have to struggle. I hope that if I ever have children, when they are in times of need I can help them. It sucks that I can't turn to my mom or anyone else in that sense---but it's okay. 

Times are rough financially right now and I'm trying my best. I guess I really can't complain---at least I have $40 to my name---some people have nothing. Tired of struggling financially. My phone bill is coming up---don't know what I'm gonna do! Oh well, I went to coffee bean because I have a $25 gift card there, so at least I didn't need to worry about food. I stalked up on ramen---so I should be good. Gotta start getting creative with these ramen noodles lol---shittttt I feel like I'm in college allover again---haven't felt this financially stressed/strained in a minute. Only having $40 sucks---but it will have to do for now.

Keep your head up, beautiful. Everything will be fine. Patience girlie! PATIENCE. TRUST THE PROCESS...

Have a good day