Good Morning. 

Went to bed late yet here I am up early.. I wish a miracle would happen and I'd get a job offer somewhere else--still feel some type of way about how dirty my boss has done me. I wish I could do her dirty too last minute....psshhh. Anyways I'm mainly writing because I really hate how when you're texting someone and your whole message gets misconstrued and taken one way when you didn't mean it that way at all. They left me on read.   Now I'm stuck thinking they're mad at me--probably won't be hearing from them for a few days. When someone is "mad" or whatever I try to resolve it--don't necessarily know what to feel/think cuz I don't know what happened......This really sucks......what did I do?  Wahhhhh :'( sad 😭 ☚ī¸

sigh 8:19am