Slowly, but surely.

Good Afternoon!

Firstly, I changed the ending of a poem I posted on here a few weeks ago. It's basically the same poem, but I wanted to change the ending so---It can be found here:

Secondly, I informed PaperSource--when my last day of work would be. Also, I will be babysitting again on Saturday--so I'm excited, but it's with a different kid this time. I'm gonna bring some of my art stuff with me--because I know this kid loves artsy stuff and glitter. I've been writing out my application for this diversity scholarship--so when it opens up September 1st--I can be one of the first to submit. Slowly, but surely I have been taking steps to better myself---most of the time I do not tell others. Such as the UCLA program that I got in--I didn't tell anyone because I don't feel everything needs to be told. I'm making moves in silence, progressing in silence, progressing at my own pace---I hope people who care about me understand this. I like to take my time with things. 

I think once I complete the program, more doors will open for me. And if I'm able to get into the improv program--I feel even more doors will open for me. As it will help me with my shyness/fear of being truly authentically me, help me with stage presence, and the constant need to always be overthinking/living in my head, networking. With improv, you have to learn to react in the moment--rather than overthinking. It's all about having fun, growing and being you. So, I'm hoping I get accepted. Slowly, but surely I am getting back on track. I know that others do not see my progress or think I'm doing anything, but I am. And all that matters is I KNOW that I am pursuing things I want, I just do it on the low and don't feel the need to announce it. Sooner than later people will see...

Another thing I did was, I ordered a tripod for my camera and phone. At the end of the school year families gave us teachers amazon gift cards---and I'd been saving them up--for when I truly felt the need to get something. I think a tripod is a good investment because I want to start making YouTube videos. I tested it out by doing some painting and it worked perfectly! Slowly but surely the moves I'm making on the low will be seen, the seeds I've planted will grow. I just need to keep believing in my vision, mission, self, abilities and talents. Even if others do not believe in me---as long as I believe, I'll succeed.

Keep believing in yourself, keep building that confidence & do not compare. You got this, love.

xo 3:55pm