Am I not worthy?

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Am I that easy to forget? Am I unloveable? Unworthy of love? I wonder these things....Right now, I'm just stuck in my head---overthinking every little bit. I feel betrayed, I feel as if I'm just someone easy to forget---easy to live without---does my presence/company not mean anything at all? Was everything a lie? I feel cheated....Why do I love those, who end up leaving--why do I continue to let people in, only to be disappointed. Why isn't anyone ever afraid to lose me? I was really looking forward to traveling, continuing seeing this person grow, continuing to have this person help me grow, continuing rooting them on when it comes to their passion--has my kindness been taken for granted?--it seems my support is no longer wanted, no longer cherished. Why are they so nonchalant about it? And me, I'm afraid, I'm scared to lose something---someone who has treated me like no other--whose always there. They mean a lot to can I just forget them---how can they just want to forget me? They told my I wasn't someone they were planning to have temporary in their life...and I believed them...Do you think this is what I want? For them to leave--they make me happy, they help me grow...Why would I want them to leave?

Am I that easy to forget? Am I so easy to live without? Am I not worthy of love?

I don't want to give up--I don't want to let go. They make me genuinely happy---Is tomorrow the last day sleeping in their bed? Exploring food with them? Chilling while watching them play videogames? Chilling having them teach me how to become a master? Chilling playing cards? Watching/cheering them on as they perform on stage? Going to the movies? Holding their hand? Smelling their scent?

 I don't want it to be my last time...but I guess they don't care....My love runs deep--I may not say it--but it does. I thought they were going to stand the rain with me as they have been(New Edition reference)Why can't they stay? Why must they walk away....I want them to stay...sigh--I wish they knew this, I wish I could tell them that, I wish I could tell them I love them. Why plan to do more things in the future, when it seems they rather make me a memory of the past.