Hola. Today started off really rough. My computer adapter is no longer working and it's $79 to get a new one. Which sucks, cuz I don't have the money to. It seems I'm gonna have to wait til I start back up work or I'm wondering if I should use my credit card this one time for something other than gas because I really need my computer. If I do, I'll look on amazon for a cheap charger. I was in the process of doing my application for the Diversity award and I reslly need to finish it. SC's app opens Aug 22nd & UCB's opens Sept 1st. I also need to keep applying for jobs. 

The people I was suppose to babysit for canceled on me and it sucks cuz I was really counting on that money. I feel so stressed and overwhelmed by financial issues right now. I felt so stressed this morning that I cried. The struggle is truly real right now. I went to a free improv event today and it was really fun. It was very divers which I loved yet was surprised. I just stayed in the moment and listened to everything the instructor was telling us. He said I had good partner awareness--such as feeding off/responding off of what my peers gave me. So, that was nice to hear. I just went in as myself and thought of it as a safe place because at the end of the day we are all just trying to succeed, improve skills and gain more knowledge. I really hope I get accepted into one of the improve programs because I really enjoyed myself--I wish it was longer than just 2 hours! 

Anyways I'm feeling a bit better than I did this morning. But am still overwhelmed and stressed. Feeling the weight on my shoulders and constant rambling in my mind.