Good Morning! The fact that I'm awake this early surprises me, especially since I didn't fall asleep til around 3:30ish. It also surprises me that I'm not an ounce bit of tired. Last night, I wrote down a few goals that I want to achieve by the end of the year. One of them was step out of my comfort zone by taking improv--sort of did that but now I want to go the extra mile and truly take classes for it. That test run was very nice, I didn't want it to end..When I don't want something to end, that's how I know I'm truly enjoying myself. I'm really hoping that I get accepted. I think UCB has free nights as well, so I think I'm going to try and attend one before I go back to work, so I can compare. That's the only way to find out. 

One of my goals was to also take myself outside of my comfort zone at least 2 times a month---now I do indeed want to do more than 2 times, but I don't want to set high expectations for myself--I want to be more realistic and have them happen in an organic type way--because I hate being forced. I'm excited for new opportunities to come my way and excited to start saving and building my credit. I also can't wait to be able to go to the Doctor and Dentist! 

Life is full of bumps and I always make it through. I am trusting the process and timing of things. I am grateful for the people I'm close to for listening to me and letting me lean on them--hopefully they know that. I am still becoming and I am excited for the future, but as well learning to appreciate the here and now. And when I truly think about it, I can't complain. I have all I need. ^_^

xo 8:15am xo