Good Message.

Good Mornin, Universe. I guess things always end up working out. Checked my bank account today and ended up getting my direct deposit earlier than I expected. Which helps me so much, you don't even know. Thank you so much, I can breathe much better now! Thank goodness I was born with an unlimited amount of patience---at times I truly do surprise myself. 

Yesterday, I went to the premiere of a project that AM was a part of. I loved the whole concept about it. It was creative, real and the messages were good. I can't wait til they release the other things--and watch it all come full circle. Another thing I enjoyed was the Q&A, because they were so serious, I couldn't even take it. To learn that it was all "fake", and then seeing them do that was definitely amazingly hilarious. I know that me and the audience sometimes thought it was actually real, since they were so serious. AM cracked me up with those pauses he made, making seem he literally was coming up with the answers on spot--knowing he had looked over the script! LOL too funny. It's also a great feeling to see someone you love doing the things they've always wanted and not only that being a natural at it-what a TURN-ON!! Very proud of him =^_^=

The main character shared a message with us about how she wasn't always "joyful" and how she's struggled with depression, anxiety and a suicide attempt. I thought that was really brave of her to share--and I really related to her message. I really liked when she said, "You don't need to choose sunshine all the time. Going through the motions is a part of life. It won't always be sunshine". I thought her message was very important and I'm really glad she shared it with us--as it left a lasting impression on me. Mainly because I know sometimes I can be very pessimistic when things aren't going right--and then things just feel like a domino effect/ downward spiral, but I am have been learning to be more mindful, grateful, trusting the process, and just knowing that things will indeed workout with time. Truly had fun yesterday. 

xo 8:43am xo