More Creativity!

I need to start being more creative. I've been painting and doing artsy things, but I haven't been very consistent with it. Pretty soon, I will be back at work, so I should definitely take advantage before time is up. It would be ideal, if I didn't have to answer to anyone and could have my own schedule. I need headshots, but do not have the money for it at the moment--going to try and figure out if I can do them by myself---somehow. Also sucks that my position won't give me the chance to be creative with kids, teach the kids---it truly is a downgrade in my career, but gotta do what I gotta do at this point. I'm still applying, but no luck yet. 

Today, I want to finish up the applications for UCB and SC--so when they open up the submit box, I can be one of the first. I'm excited about the steps I'm making--and hope they lead to opportunities I've dreamt of having, lead to lasting connections. I'm learning to face fears and take myself out of my comfort zone. Slowly, but surely I will get to where I want to be in life.. having my own place, being happy in my career/job choice. 

Time, time, time.
Patience, patience, patience.

xo 2:02 pm