Since it's throwback thursday, I decided to post about my poetry book. I haven't been very proactive in advertising it. Mainly because I'm thinking of starting a youtube channel but don't know exactly how I want to have my poems filmed--only voice recordings, video/film recordings, or a mixture of both. I'm hoping that I get to bring one of my poems to life via film that would be so cool 😎 I guess I'll see what happens. I'm excited to be putting myself out there more and showing my authenticity and true self. It's been a roller coaster ride of a journey, but I am happy to have had the downs as much as the ups. They've made me who I am today and made me stronger--thank goodness for my godly-like patience! 

Gonna stay in and be creative today and just chill. It's so hot outside, glad to be back inside. It's crazy that at 10am, it was 78degrees already! I love the Summer but can't wait til Autumn comes. I'm hoping that something breaks through job-wise, I really don't want to be at my job the whole year-I'm not even gonna be doing what I like!

I wish I went to cosmetology school as I think I'd be a great at it. I'm very perfectionist when it comes to placement of things, plus I'm creative. It only takes 2 years. Being an educator and a cosmetologist, would be cool because they both cater to my need of assisting and helping others, but also brings out my creative/artsy side. I also want to start to wake up early on a daily bases--and by early I mean like 6am or 7am! Gotta start making things a habit, so they stick! (exercising, waking up early, journaling/reading before bed)--Those things I need to start making a habit--ingraining them in my head, so they are naturally a part of my routine. Received my credit card today, only going to be using it for gas for the time being...Congrats Rave--be WISE!