The Possibilities are Endless!!!

Yesterday morning and today, I woke up with a revelation---you can do anything, it is never too late. There are things I've wanted to do, but others have told me(I also told myself)--it's too late to start or you're "too old" to pursue that now. I've wanted to pursue cosmetology for the past year, but feel because I'm not a make-up junkie people will judge me for starting "late", which who cares if they judge me!! As long as I'm happy! If I listened to people, I would have never self-published my own book of poetry--that's one thing I can cross off my bucket list.

There are many things I want to cross off my bucket list, but have been afraid of pursuing. Mainly because of my age, people's negative comments---I'm not afraid to fail at pursuing my new endeavors--because failure is needed. I want to at least inquire about cosmetology school before this year ends--I also want to just take one term of an improv class, so that I can learn to be in the moment, have stage presence and character development--also mainly for me to be comfortable on stage. 

I'm on a creative pursuit. I want to create. And with my creations, I want to help and assist others. Whether it be touching them with my poetry or making them feel beautiful in their own skin(cosmetology). Of course, I love working with kids, but at the moment it seems I've lost my passion for teaching--maybe because it wasn't what I truly wanted to pursue from the beginning. But that's alright, the possibilities are endless and I can be and do ANYTHING I want. I cannot keep hindering myself out of fear starting "too late" or not having the proper skills. I can gain the skills to become better. 

Yeah, the possibilities are endless. You go, girl! Mmmuahzzzzz

xo 11:55pm xo