Since Friday, I've been feeling very nostalgic and a bit melancholy-ish. On TV, they were showing shows and cartoons from my younger years. It's funny how watching those cartoons now, you see some of them were pretty deep in teaching us life lessons and wisdom. Made me miss when things were "easier". Like being a kid and just hanging outdoors, at the mall/movies, exploring all that you can; now people are more concerned about being on their phones, always staying connected and letting people know what you're doing. It was nice when, you hadn't seen someone for a while and when you hangout, you could share--now you can just see on people's social media what they did. 

Back when connections with people weren't through digital devices, back when people would actually call you simple to see how you were--I miss those simple things. Everyone communicates through text--not very personal at all. So robotic--everyone's on autopilot. Am I the only one who feels this way about today's society. Some days, I just want to disappear from all social media platforms. Another thing that made me nostalgic is, when I was listening to a playlist on Spotify--songs from when I was in College/Bay Area popped up. Made me really miss the bay area, I really want to visit the bay area before this year ends--I want to go explore things that I never had the chance to. Hopefully that can happen. 

Well that is all...feelin very nostalgic and also feelin a bit sad tonight.