Sitting at the park...

Here I sit at the park. So calming & serene. My mind only on one thing---you. So wonderful you are. I fall for you more everyday. You cater not to my wants--but rather my needs and I don't even have to say one thing. Your scent lingers in my shirt, it lingers on my skin. We didn't get to talk--but we did have a moment. I guess I wasn't truly ready to talk, I just wanted to enjoy you, the moment, the time, every second with you. I don't know what you were thinking--did you want to talk--did you really want this time together to be the last? 


It's funny how you can prepare for something but then when you get in the moment--it sometimes all goes out the window. I had mentally prepared but once I got there--I had a change of heart. It's in the ways you touch me without even touching me. It's in the way you look at you see the love I have for you when you look in my eyes or when you catch me starring? Do you really want this to be the end? I hope not--because I don't. I want more moments with you...Guess I'll find out once we have the chance to talk. 

♥xoxo ♥