Proud of you :)

 I recorded a poem yesterday and wanted to send it to you--to ask what did you think....But I didn't want to bother you cuz I know tou had work & the tournament, so decided not to. You're busy with friends and the first day of class today---so I can't send it today either. I would really like to hear your critiques!

You start class today, and I'll cross my fingers that you get to be with your friends this term. You're almost done, I wonder how you feel now that you've almost completed the program? I've seen you grow throughout the process. You've grown so much as an individual, performer, actor, comedian---I've love witnessing you transform and I'm so very proud of you. I plan to be there when all is complete---I hope I get to see you finish the process--I want to be there sitting in the audience when you get that last pin--when you have that last performance! That will be a great day. That will be amazing! I'm so proud of your accomplishments and want to be around for the rest that is yet to come. But do you even want me there?..I want you around, I'm hoping we can get through this bump. I'm hoping that you'll stay. We can weather the storm(reference to weather the storm by mocky; that's been on repeat lately)

Anyways <3  xo

Yours Truly.