Perfect Day, ,Today!

The last couple of days were very emotional for me. I want to continue to be by said person's side to watch them grow. I want to be there to watch you finish, what you started. I've been to every show, every performance---why would I want to stop now???!!! That would be like watching a whole season of a show ---only to decide not to watch the last 2 episodes!!!! And I really want to witness the finale!!!!! LOL The last few days, I've just been thinking and analyzing--thinking and analyzing--thinking and analyzing--just going in circles within my head. I know that I've had many emotions because it's plan & simple---I Love You. I Love Them. I feel they challenge me enough to where I actually venture out of my comfort zone..I've told them plenty how I admire how hard they work. I know it may sound cheesy to say, but I see in him characteristics that I, too am working on possessing. It's nice to have someone around who you can look up to, who inspires you and who willingly wants to help you grow, who always knows how to put a smile on my face. Anyways, that's all I have to say about that matter today--they're someone who is very special to me---they hold a special place in my heart. 

In other news--today I went to a museum called LACMA. It's free for residents after 3pm!!! I was lucky and found meter-free parking. So, everything I did today was FREE!!!! I was feelin lucky. Free parking, free ticket, free food! The exhibits were really nice, I took so many pictures of myself! LOL All the pictures came out cute to me. hehe. I looked really cute and beautiful today...I must say so. Maybe I'll post one. Today was a pretty good day, I would say my mood was better. I wrote some poems, applied for jobs, got contacted by a parent to babysit---I would say it was too freakin' hot today! I also have enjoyed writing these posts daily because it's like a therapeutic release for me. I've liked being able to write out my emotions/feelings instead of just holding them in. Thanks for listening to me, blog & accepting me for me. I truly do love myself and all that I am becoming to be. I do have flaws and make mistakes--but thanks for always loving me and remaining strong--even when you want to just give up---you keep going/persisting, you keep having hope. Thanks Raven xoxo