I wish....

I wish I had another place to stay. This environment is becoming unbearable, even if I stay to myself in my own room. Why would someone(my mom) insist on being in a situation like this, when it's not good for their mental health or those around them. It's so stressful and frustrating. At this point, I wish I knew someone who was looking for a roomie or someone who as well is trying to get out of their living situation, so I had someone in which I could split rent with. I refuse to let the situations of others detour me, mess up my mood and get me off track.

Also, you would think your own parent would be happy for you when you tell them you got a job, but no my mom totally did the opposite---go figures. I'm tired and refuse to let even family bring me down. I need to get out of this house somehow. If my car was bigger and if I had a gym membership, I'd def consider it. Since I'd have a place to shower/washup. I feel alone in this situation. I feel I'm the only one going through such(though I know I am not). This all just really sucks, I feel a huge weight has been added to my shoulders.....sigh

BLAHHH 2:20pm