I posted a poem today---haven't posted one in a long while: https://instagram.com/p/BX0470Xju3t/

In other news, tomorrow is my first day of work. I'm excited and nervous. I can't wait to meet the children and their families. This will be a learning and growing opportunity for me, which is why I decided to stay afterall. Though I do not want to be a teacher anymore, I rather work at a place where I can grow and where I get along with the staff, rather than a place that treats me unfairly and there is no opportunity to grow. I'm appreciative that the director was willing to take a chance on me and I'll be sure to not let them down. Once I do start getting money, I need to come up with a budget plan--I really need to start saving. Haven't had the opportunity because I've been really tight on cash. Seems I won't be able to travel anywhere this year, I had at least wanted to go to the BAY! Maybe towards the end or maybe I'll just have to go next year.

Soon everything will fall into place. My relationship is going great, I couldn't be more happy to have someone so beautiful, sweet, generous and helpful by me side--I truly appreciate him and I hope he knows that. This Thursday Aug 17th marks 2 years since we met; I wonder does he remember that's the day we met? Time surely does fly! Family wise, things are still stressful and shitty but honestly I'm just focusing on myself--I can only try and help so much; until I realize I'm wasting my time. People will listen to what they want to; you can only voice your concern so many times. Career/Job wise, as I mentioned I'm not where I exactly want to be, but I'm grateful for the opportunity. I need to stay motivated when it comes to the things I truly want to pursue, I can't keep hindering myself, I need to start making the steps now before it's too late. People will always make time for the things that are important and that's what I'm gonna have to do--make time and sacrifice.

Cheers To Growth & New Experiences.

xo 10:30pm xo