*yawn* I'm so tired. Been up creating a Mr Potato Head for my classroom. On Friday, we introduced Mr. Potato Head to the kids and he told them the classroom rules--such as listening, raising your hand, paying attention etc...They all got the chance to make their own and now I'm making a huge one for the classroom. I also made a flower with flower petals because we are going to be doing an activity called the friendship flower--each of them being a petal of the flower. This symbolizes how we are each unique, but will grow together and should accept each others differences. Each child will write their name on their petal and decorate it as they please. The last thing I'm working on is a friendship puzzle, but I will have to finish that tomorrow. I did the outline and everything, just need to cut the pieces out and make sure they fit together. Whewww, what a lot of work--but I'm glad it's giving me a chance to be creative--good thing I love art and being creative---else I'd be procrastinating the heck out of this. Maybe I'll post pics tomorrow of the ending product.

I can't wait til I get paid in September, I want to start back going to my dance classes--haven't been able to because of money. I'm also hoping I can go to this poetry event on Wednesday--maybe I'll perform--maybe I'll just watch, but I shall see if I have the energy to even go after work. Even though I feel stuck in the middle of a storm---things are beginning to look up, slowly but surely. Glad I have the patience of a Monk. Slowly, but surely I'm learning to live more outside of my head. 

Anywho...Nighty night. Sweet Dreams