C'est La Vie.

Such is life. Today, I woke up early again. I ended up doing some calligraphy and water-coloring. I felt at ease, at peace--it was so quiet outside. Moments later that quiet atmosphere was shattered by loud voices, shouting and arguing. They were at it again this morning; I rolled my eyes. I cracked my door open, so I could hear them--so I could make sure it didn't get to out of control or physical. Since I had to call the police, I mostly have been staying out of their arguments. But this morning, I think I heard some pushing so I went and investigated what was going on. They were in the living room arguing really loud. 

This morning, my mom had come in my room and I was talking to her about how I felt about the situation and how I don't agree with it and will never accept it or him. Soon after she left my room, I heard her telling him that I asked why isn't he going to his AA program anymore. Like okay, I talked to you in confidentiality and you went and told him. I have been trying to be honest and open with my mom more, but seriously. Then I heard him calling my mom names-so I went to "confront" him that it is not okay for him to do that or treat her that way.

I've been really making sure to take of my mental health lately, because this situation is very stressful and tiring. It's exhausting to constantly have to have my ears listening in, to make sure the situation doesn't get out of hand. I don't understand how a man can disrespect a woman so much--when she's done nothing but try and be there for him. I have no respect for him at all. Being in this situation is really hard, I wish she would just kick him out already. I wish I had my own place, this environment isn't good for me, but I'm glad I have been doing creative things in order to stay sane. 

*sigh* 9:20am