Today was such a long day! Woke up early, went to babysit and then after that went and hung out with an acquaintance. And was dreading coming home because---my dad has now moved in. 


Today I met up with an acquaintance and it was nice. Mainly for the reason of having conversation--I feel we lost track of time because it was so comforting to hear that I'm not the only one who goes through things. We talked about life, struggles, depression, family etc...It was nice to talk freely without fear of being judged. I feel people lack sincerity and genuineness--so that was nice.


The other day when I was high, I started to think about how we are not even promised this one life, we can lose our life any second. There is so much stuff left to do, but so little time--for we do not know when any moment will be our last, any breath could be our last etc etc....With that being said, I want to shed my skin--I know I wont shed it all at once--it needs to be done patiently.

May I leave my comfort zone, so that I can effectively grow into a better me.

I Am Enough. I Am Beautiful(inside & out), I Am Intelligent, I Am Worthy.