From the moment I walked in the door---my whole mood changed. That's the thing, home no longer feels like home. Feels like more of a place, I'm just renting a room from. Why does it have to feel this way with family? I'm tired of this whole situation with my dad---it's irritating just seeing him when I walk in from work--like shouldn't you be at an AA meeting? *rolling my eyes* It's frustrating to also see my mom always sticking up for him---for what??? When I walk in the house, I just feel like I'm surrounded by toxic energy--and I've been trying my best not to let it effect me--but it's getting hard when I have to go stop their arguing etc etc...I'm tired and becoming drained. I just want my own/shared place already--need to find someone to move in with.

I really just needed a hug today---

Also, sometimes I just want to cut off all my hair and start fresh. "I like you better with braids." "I like you better with straight hair"----why can't people just like me for me. Take me as I am. Is my hair truly that big of a deal? I just wanna chop it off at this point. So aggravating....I felt super aggravated today--maybe it was the heat or maybe people truly were annoying today and working my nerves....

Feeling Blah