Sleepless nights!


I feel I have been going to sleep hella late as of late. Not purposefully--I've become even more nocturnal than before! I haven't really written because I've been feeling like there's been a huge weight thrown on my shoulders because of my dad situation. I'm still processing everything--I feel I've been very distant from others lately as well...again not purposefully but I don't think anyone understands the weight I feel on my shoulders. I will say it's been awkward having my dad here--I mostly haven't been in the house, to be honest. I feel him moving in has made certain anxieties, fears, and feelings of anger resurface. And I do not know how to handle such emotions except but to be distant and a hermit. I really haven't been caring to interact with others and that's probably not good. I just don't know what to do and I feel very alone in my feelings and thoughts. 

This only makes me crave having my own place even more. I guess I just want to know if what I feel is valid. Valid in the sense, is it okay for me to feel these things? I feel kinda lost--I feel depression trying to sneak up on me. I refuse to let it capture me. I guess I just need a hug and shoulder to cry on.

*sigh* may I have sweet dreams & a good sleep.